Online Video Captures Customers’ Attention

While there has been a lot of talk about social media – Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the like – online video continues to capture the attention of net surfers at an astounding rate. In fact, in a post quoting Comscore, a digital marketing intelligence aggregator, reported that 84 percent of Americans online viewed video. And they averaged about 10 hours a month doing it.

A majority of the 26 billion views in Comscore’s September analysis went to YouTube. With content categories ranging from “Autos & Vehicles” to “Nonprofits & Activism”, YouTube visitors have a plethora of subjects to peruse. And, according to Reelseo’s report, the average run time for an online video is 3.8 minutes, something video blogger Jeremy Scott calls an “eternity” on the web.

Big brands are taking notice. The New York Times reports that a recent redesign of “will often include a video player front and center, reflecting the growing popularity of online video.” The article quotes K. C. Estenson, the general manager of as saying “it is a revolution for us.”

Search giant recently revamped it’s website programming to include more video as well. A recent Variety report quoted Yahoo VP of Media Jimmy Pitaro saying “video is driving a lot of engagement at our site and across the Internet.”   The article goes on to say that media companies of all shapes and sizes are “ramping up their online video in a bid to attract, and hold onto, visitors.”

What can you do to take advantage of this growing trend toward web video viewing? If you have developed a sales video, be sure it’s featured on your website. You can also upload it to YouTube under the appropriate category and look for it to drive traffic back to your website. As a business, you have the opportunity to upload video to your listing – use it. Its just another way we stay ahead of the trends that help you do better business.

If you need help producing a video, there are software packages that allow you to shoot video, then upload and edit it on your computer. Or contact us at and we can recommend some local professionals to make it happen for you.


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One Response to “Online Video Captures Customers’ Attention”

  1. angeldog Says:

    The internet is definately the future for video advertising. I seldom watch commercials on tv since I got dvr, however I will watch online video ads when the subject interests me.

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