Here’s the deal – special pricing is what shoppers want most

Lately, in both our newsletter and here at the Wizbee Word, we’ve covered consumer trends such as the resurgence in popularity of coupons and the re-emergence of more traditional holiday themes as a fall-out of tough economic times. So it should come as no surprise that what consumers value most from their online interaction with brands is getting a great deal.

A 2009 report from major digital ad agency Razorfish examining consumers’ digital habits and attitudes suggests that while marketers may use social networks in particular – like Facebook and Twitter – to engage customers in conversation, what customers really want is a special offer. As reported in MediaPost, Garrick Schmitt, Razorfish group vice president of experience planning and editor of the study, says, “What we’re finding is that with Facebook and Twitter, marketers are assuming some deeper dialogue, but what’s really going on is – people want deals.”

Smart brands have made the connection and have amassed huge followings by giving consumers what they want. For example, Starbucks, with nearly five million Facebook fans, offers coupons for free pastries and ice cream. On Twitter, Whole Foods boasts more than 1.5 million followers who are treated to posts about weekly specials and shopping tips. businesses would do well to use social media to present deals to potential customers. Open a Twitter account (they’re free) and start promoting special offers. Create a free Facebook fan page and tell consumers to mention it in order to get a special discount when making a purchase. Perhaps the easiest way to begin pushing discounts online is through your listing. You can create numerous “deals” and even printable coupons for customers to redeem at your business. And, in the near future, will make it even easier for shoppers to find your deals – a “Deals” button on Wizbee’s home page will direct visitors to one onsite location where all deals from throughout the site will appear.

Whether you choose to create special offers through your social media programs or simply through your listing, don’t ignore what customers really want in an online relationship with your brand – a deal. If you need help with social media, contact us and we can recommend some partners who offer special deals just for fellow businesses.


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