Intro to the new

Hello, my name is Ryan Unseth and I am one of the co-founders of Many of you may not know what Wizbee is and really don’t understand why you should be going to Wizbee. Basically, Wizbee is a local search engine for local businesses in El Paso County, specifically Colorado Springs and the outlying areas. Within a Wizbee listing, you are able to find printable coupons, pictures, videos, business descriptions, contact information and customer reviews. People within this community are invited to leave reviews for local merchants so others can learn about their experiences. Our goal is for Wizbee to be an educational place for you to go.

On a business-to-business note, Wizbee is a full service internet marketing company. Our product portfolio includes the website, search marketing services, social marketing services, mobile websites and web site design. Our goal is to provide local businesses with the most effective and affordable online marketing solutions here in Colorado Springs.

We look forward to seeing everyone on and working with the many amazing local business owners. Thank you for your time!

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