Local Business Spotlight: Steaksmith

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3802 Maizeland Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80909

P: (719) 596-9300


Steaksmith has been around for 30 years, with the same unique concept (see service section) and in the same building. The current owner (Dawson) is celebrating his 3rd anniversary this month (congratulations, Dawson!) The ambiance inside the restaurant is spectacular. While in the interview with Dawson, I definitely felt like I was in a legendary spot.

It’s the perfect place to celebrate special occasions. Even while conducting our interview, Dawson received two calls for anniversary reservations that evening. Steaksmith has historically been considered to be a special occasion restaurant, however, their prices are affordable enough for regulars to come in up to three times a week! Some of the regulars even drive all the way from Gleneagle, Fountain, Falcon and other outlying areas. All of this aside, you may be asking yourself… what sets Steaksmith apart from their competition?

Food:Steaksmith is a retro 80’s steakhouse. You will find that their food quality is second to none and you don’t have the intensely formal ambiance like you would at some of the other steakhouses in town. They are not a prime meat house but their beef is top choice (top 2% of the choice), which is one grade below A prime. Additionally, 23% of their orders represent seafood. All of their seafood is freshly delivered 2 to 3 times a week. The seafood selection varies because the chef will only order the freshest fish available. Some of the fresh selections include halibut, yellow fin tuna, stuffed flounder, shark, monkfish and salmon. If they happen to run out of those options no need to worry because they serve shrimp, lobster and scallops 7 days a week.

Value: The menu items are priced at an incredible value! Diners may find A-La-Carte menus at Steaksmith’s competitors, so a steak might seem less expensive at first glance. After adding on all the extras that diners typically want with their meal, the overall cost ends up being quite a bit more. Steaksmith prices include a side item, bread and your choice of soup or salad bar!

Bestseller: Top sirloin is their top selling steak – the petit is 7oz and their regular is 11oz. –  100% edible, no fat! Diners will enjoy their choice of starch, soup or salad bar, and bread. Priced at 7oz $22.95, 11oz 26.95 (their NY strip and prime rib are close seconds).

Service: With the amount of competition in town, the team service is what really sets Steaksmith apart. Diners will notice that there isn’t just one person taking care of them; staff members work on an ‘any server, any time’ model. Diners have the attention of an entire team, which is a refreshing change. Some people are uncomfortable with this model because there is confusion when it comes time to leave the tip, but diners don’t have to worry about that because the staff have a tip-sharing model that keeps everyone motivated and happy!

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