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Local Business Spotlight: Blackjack Pizza

August 15, 2011

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Did you know? Blackjack Pizza is a Colorado-born company!

Blackjack Pizza was founded in 1983 by Vince Schmuhl. After working several years for Dominos Pizza, Vince felt that there was plenty of room for competitors in the fast growing pizza delivery business. At that time, Dominos was the only major player in pizza delivery around the Rocky Mountain region and Vince felt that customers would really appreciate an alternative!

The first Blackjack Pizza store was opened on June 29, 1983 in Federal Heights, CO. The second store opened in Greeley, CO in February of 1984. Vince continued to open new stores, mainly in the Denver Metro Area. By 1986, there were six corporate owned stores and one franchisee in operation! Today there are 45 Blackjack stores in operation in four states, with five of those stores serving customers right here in Colorado Springs!

With everything from their classic pizza pies like the Full House (sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, ham and extra cheese – for the meat lovers!) and The Natural (veggies only!), to in-house specialty pies like the Mediterranean Chicken (with an extra virgin olive oil base for a lighter option!) and the Western BBQ Chicken (includes KC Masterpieceā„¢ BBQ Sauce and bacon!), there is something for everyone at the wonderfully delicious Blackjack Pizza!

Check out the Colorado Springs-based Blackjack Pizza locations on Facebook: Blackjack Pizza of Colorado Springs

Now we must excuse ourselves… we’re really craving some Blackjack Pizza!