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Web Designers vs. SEO Companies

January 5, 2012

Should I trust my web designer to do my SEO?

It’s a common question and, unfortunatley, a common mistake.  Would you hire an electrician to handle your plumbing?  Probably not!  Then why would you hire a web designer to handle your marketing.  Because that’s what SEO is -marketing!   It’s a common misconception that  web developers are also SEOs.  Web designers can be very good at what they do -creating websites; graphic design; compex coding and website functionality, just to name a few.  Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) are specialized and work specifically on SEO processes that help get your website ranked high on search engines -like back-end coding necessary to be found by search engines; link building; vertical business directory citations; social bookmarking; etc.  These processes are necessary to increase your search ranking and therefore increase traffic to your site and increase revenue.  An attractive, functional website is only one compenent necessary for effective internet marketing.  Let the experts at Wizbee Marketing show you how a successful internet marketing campaign can be profitable for your business.

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